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Leadership Performance Workshops

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~Quincy Adams

Beth Sinkus has consistently turned around under-performing teams in her career, so let her show your leaders how she did it! In just 6 short hours your leaders will leave with proven techniques to use with their own teams. These interactive workshops are fun, engaging, entertaining and use real stories and examples of situations your leaders can emulate.

Workshop topics include:

  • Building your leadership brand
  • Maximizing productivity of your team
  • Helping your teams achieve the proper work/life balance
  • Fostering philanthropic activities amidst our busy lives
  • Using healthy competition to get ALL members of your team performing at or over targets
  • Promoting and nurturing team unity so team members help other team members

Whether you have leaders that have been in role for many years, or leaders who are newly promoted, these workshops apply to all. The content is fresh, fun and most importantly, presented by an individual who has proven these tactics work time and time again.

“Beth, I hope you know what a special place you’ll always hold in our hearts and how fortunate we all are for having your special brand of leadership and guidance in our lives.” – Marianne Jason, Manager Business Development American Express (previous direct report)

Leaders will learn how to give more and expect more, all while getting more done in less time! Action plans will be immediately available for leaders to take back to their teams for positive, high-impact transformations or for taking good teams to great! Contact Beth directly to get your workshop scheduled!

*Additional engagement opportunities are available including Individualized Mentoring, Intensive Follow-up/Follow-through, Quarterly Re-charge Discussions and Team Discussions.

Leader Revitalization Program

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” ~Vince Lombardi

The NEW Leader Revitalization Program will revitalize your leadership team and maximize performance by injecting energy with a dose of brutal and honest feedback to your leaders. They will leave the program with clearly defined plans to get their teams to over-target attainment, or take performing teams to the next level.

This 60-day program with a 1-day intensive workshop, will have all members of your organization revitalized, recharged and reenergized!

Topics covered will include:

  • Personal brand/Self-awareness – what do your people think of their leaders?
  • Stopping underperformance – what are your leaders doing to stop underperformance?
  • Communication – addressing underperformance doesn’t have to mean conflict
  • Action Planning – recommendations and tasks that will get ALL members of each team to be successful

“Results of Beth’s coaching are teams filled with over target performers, with all team members contributing – a sign of her effectiveness.”– VP at Fortune 100 company

Program Specifics

  • Step 1: A meeting with senior executives will take place to discuss the challenges facing the organization, division or team. Included should be expectations of leadership, reporting, measurements, quotas and any other applicable goals. The information provided to Performance MINDSET will allow action planning to be customized and applicable to each leader.
  • Step 2: Anonymous feedback will be obtained from your specific team members seeking a clear picture of the perception of each leader’s capabilities. Leaders will also be asked to provide some examples/case studies of under-performers on their teams. The results of both will be compiled and provided for discussion during Step 3.
  • Step 3: A full day intensive, on-site workshop will be provided for your leaders. The day will include discussions with direct feedback and actionable tasks to turn underperforming teams around, or take performing teams to the next level.
  • Step 4: Results, notes, and feedback from the intensive workshop will be compiled and a full analysis will be provided back to senior leadership during a 90-minute on-site/in-person discussion. During this discussion, the follow-up/follow- through items will be discussed in detail, along with actionable ways to measure on-going successes.

*Additional engagement opportunities are available including Individualized Mentoring, Intensive Follow-up/Follow-through, Quarterly Re-charge Discussions and Team Discussions.

Keynote Speaking

A Sampling of Topics...

Managing with Heart.

Being Passionate Ignites Performance.

Audience: Leaders in all capacities

This discussion will motivate your leaders to build or enhance a cohesive team, foster passion, be philanthropic and love their job!

  • Leaders will be given guidance on how to manage with heart, not intimidation, fear or force
  • Leaders will be given actual examples on how to provide unique recognition that fosters leading with heart
  • Leaders will learn that leading with heart fosters team cohesiveness, a willingness to help others, healthy competitiveness, team bonding, teaching one another and unselfishly giving to others throughout the year
  • Leaders will understand that when they contribute to others within the organization, others will contribute to them
  • Leaders will get examples of how philanthropic exercises as a team will foster a sharing environment and a successful team

I’m very much impressed with Beth’s “pay it forward,” philanthropic ideas. I admire her “give a lot expect a lot” philosophy.” – VP at Fortune 100 company

How to get your sales reps off the golf course and back to selling!

Audience: Leaders in all capacities

This discussion will contain advice, research, case studies and examples that will motivate your sales leaders to get the most out of their sales teams, with ALL members exceeding target!

  • Leaders will get ideas on creating motivated employees that feel connected to the organization, their team and their leader
  • Leaders will get ideas on how to constantly be innovative – keeping the team environment exciting, fresh and fun
  • Leaders will learn to create a competitive environment with their team that actually makes them want to HELP one another
  • Leaders will understand ways to prevent their top salespeople from leaving or burning out

“Beth is professional, fun and a highly effective leader herself, so the expertise and examples she shares will not only enable my success, but the success of our organization as a whole this year.” – Fortune 100 Sales Manager

Are you a credible leader? Personal Brand is everything in leadership.

Audience: Leaders in all capacities

This lively discussion will contain advice, research, case studies and examples that will ensure your leaders are effectively managing your company’s most valuable assets – your people!

  • Leaders will go through an eye opening exercise to discover their perceived brand within the organization, and discover ways to create and promote the brand they want
  • Leaders will get tips and tricks on how to have difficult discussions with their under-performers to ensure consistency and to protect their brand
  • Leaders will learn different ways to ensure they maintain the respect of their team, their peers and the company as a whole
  • Leaders will discover that credibility creates ways to prevent their top people from leaving or burning out.
  • Leaders will learn that a strong brand can get more productivity from their teams and more support from their colleagues

“Beth is professional in her approach to people leadership, but with a warmth and sincerity that is uncommon in today’s corporate culture. Her excitement is contagious.” – Fortune 100 Vice-President

Quota Increase? Keep Calm and Sell On.

Audience: Leaders in all capacities

This discussion is for any company that is, or has issued uncomfortable quota increases to their sales force.

  • Leaders will get tips and tricks on handling increases with grace and ensuring their sales teams still respect them
  • Leaders will be given examples of what they can do to take the sting off their sales team and motivate action
  • Leaders will understand how to coach their sales team to work smarter, not harder to exceed their new quotas
  • Leaders will learn how to create an even tighter bond between their team members and have fun!

“You continue to motivate me even though we don’t have the opportunity to chat that often. I am always talking about you and how you would handle different situations. YOU are the BEST OF THE BEST!” – Fortune 100 Sales Manager

Infusing Motivation into your teams!

Audience: Leaders in all capacities

This intense discussion will provide motivational strategies for leaders at all levels in the organization. Through fun, interactive and creative activities, leaders will improve their management effectiveness in achieving and exceeding business objectives along with:

  • Hearing firsthand success stories of motivational achievement
  • Learn how to maximize their team’s efficiency – improving productivity
  • Leaders will understand how to coach their teams to work smarter, not harder and find the appropriate work-life balance
  • Leaders will learn how to create an even tighter bond between their team members and have fun!

Motivation involves touching the lives of people who drive profitability into the business by inspiring their human potential and helping them find meaning in the work they do.

The First 100 Days…..

So you’ve been promoted! Now what?!

Audience: All leaders recently promoted to a new position

This discussion will contain clear tangible and proven advice for handling the first 100 days of your new leadership position to get off on the right foot for earning respect of your direct reports.

  • Leaders will be given ideas on how to stay organized and not feel overwhelmed during the first 100 days
  • Leaders will get creative ideas on how to be innovative and make an impact out of the gate even if they have learning and training still to complete
  • Leaders will understand ways to ensure their people are satisfied and happy during their transition

“I initially wasn't sure Beth could offer me any new tips and tools to become even more successful, but I could not have been more wrong!” – Marianne Jason, Manager Business Development, American Express

*These are just some of the topics Beth can speak to your leaders and teams about. Please contact her today to discuss how she can be a part of your next event!

Leadership Consulting

“Control your destiny or someone else will.” ~Jack Welch

Beth Sinkus has experience working for large Fortune 100 corporations and small privately held organizations across multiple industries. Her vast experience crosses many business lines and she stands ready to partner with your organization to focus on increasing productivity, revenue growth, improving motivation and employee morale and reducing turnover. Performance Mindset can provide consultative advice on topics such as:

  • Developing a brand new sales team
  • Understanding and establishing performance measurements
  • Setting appropriate targets/quotas
  • Improving/increasing business development close ratios
  • New product development, promotions & launch
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • RFP process review
  • Recruiting and staffing initiatives Team building

This collaboration can be a short one week discussion or a months long project. Call or email Beth today for a free, no obligation consultation!