Performance Mindset | Testimonials
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Kara Cherney

Head of Business Development DHL Enterprise Sales

“If you are looking to build a team or potentially change a team dynamic, then Beth Sinkus is a corporation’s dream come true”


Marianne Jason

Manager Business Development, American Express

“I initially wasn't sure Beth could offer me any new tips and tools to become even more successful, but I could not have been more wrong!”


Patti Deen

Owner, Bark-N-Paws

“Beth is creative and dynamic. Her energetic focus is on helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.”


Clarence Black

United States Army Reserve

“Beth is an outstanding leader, visionary and creative mind who brings energy, creativity and passion to everything she does. She is also a natural leader who understands the lost art of providing both motivation and inspiration. Beth has the ability to uncover creative and strategic solutions to challenges all by looking at and attacking the challenges from a different angle.”


Todd Cohen

Keynote Speaker & Author

“Beth Sinkus walks the walk and talks the talk! I have seen her create a winning mindset in people and she does it with respect, grace and a determination that is infectious and profitable.”


Brian Ladd

Former Manager Business Development, American Express

"Beth is an exceptional leader with a strong drive for success."